The Cottage School will provide an affordable, quality education in a stimulating and challenging 21st Century learning environment that:

• Provides a tailored, standards-based curriculum that fits the needs and potential of the individual learner, and emphasizes deep understanding of important concepts and the development of essential skills, as aligned with year level content and achievement standards.
• Lays the foundation for lifelong learning by using an approach that makes connections across the disciplines to reinforce important concepts and assist students in thinking critically and applying what they have learned to solve real-world problems.
• Provides quality, adaptable teaching that uses various teaching styles, (direct instruction, cooperative learning, project-based learning, hands-on learning, and integrated technology) to teach to each individual learning styles, giving each student equal opportunity to comprehend.
• Provides opportunities for learning to be enhanced both indoors and outdoors through movement, arts, dance, animals and the meaningful and relevant application of computing and technological skills for the future.

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